web-pics-from-phone-2174Dog walking

We walk dogs in a variety of locations around East and West Sussex. All locations are away from traffic and include Devil’s Dyke, Ditchling Beacon, Stanmer Forest, Waterhall, Mile Oak, Jack & Jill’s and Southwick Hill.
We walk in all weather conditions come sun, rain or snow, and always wipe down dogs with clean towels when required.
All walks last for a minimum of one hour, excluding transportation time to the site. The average human walk is 3.5-4 miles. What this converts to in terms of our clients is down to them!
A maximum of six dogs are walked at any one time.
All dogs are tagged with Waggy Walks identification tags when being walked.
We prefer to walk the dogs’ off-lead, but will keep them on the lead if requested to do so. We will always put leads back onto dogs if walking around and amongst farm or grazing animals.
Dogs are transported in our fully-equipped air-conditioned van, which has individual cages for each of our clients.
Remember that we are fully-insured and police-checked.

web-pics-from-phone-2461-copyDoggy Day-care

We look after dogs during the day, for those people who have to leave there homes for the day to earn a crust.
This service includes collection and delivery at the beginning, and end, of the day.
Dogs have access to a fully-secure garden, where there are additional security gates in place in the unlikely event of dogs having to be separated.
Dogs will be looked after according to needs, including walking and feeding/medication requirements.
Places are strictly limited to 4 dogs per day.

Holiday care

A service provided for existing day-care or walking clients.

web-pics-from-phone-3024Pet feeding & care

Of course some pets do not want to move away from their home when you go away for a week-end or a well-deserved holiday. Cats, birds, Guinea pigs all need feeding!
We offer a service which visits your home first thing in the morning, and late afternoon. One or two visits a day as required!
We will also relocate any post to a secure location in order that that your house looks lived-in, and put any lights off and on as briefed. If you need plants watering just tell us!

web-pics-from-phone-1824Dog transport

We are also available to take your dog to the vets or Dog-groomer if required.
All we ask is that you book an early-morning, or mid-afternoon appointment, but we will endeavour to suit your requirements as and when required.
Cage-sizes are restricted, so please bear this in mind when contacting us!
We would also ask that you brief us thoroughly as to your dog’s ailment. (Obviously not for the groomer!)