Brighton and Hove’s professional Dog walking service

100909-snap-chris-pickles-01Thanks for visiting this site!
If you are doing this you are obviously looking for a professional Dog-walking service, or for assistance with your best friend? You could on the other hand just be being nosey?
If so…Carry on! The only thing I want to commit to are:

  • A professional and reliable service
  • A service established ten years ago
  • A Dog-walking service which will keep the pets well entertained and exercised, no matter what the weather
  • A service that will treat your pets ‘as our own
  • Backed-up: Fully insured: Police-checked: Air conditioned transport
  • Accredited by the Brighton & Hove City Council Animal Welfare Dept.

certificateOne other advantage I have is that my partner is a Vet. If there are any questions, or doubts, in my mind, they are easily answered!

I became a dog-walker having worked in a few professional positions, but decided to enjoy the thing I like most: Looking after dogs, without Company politics!! MOST IMPORTANTLY I WANT pets to be looked after well!
I need my clients’ to totally trust me, and am 100% committed to this!